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The Book Fund

The Testament of Gideon Mack by James
SLD's Book Fund was started in 2005 to invite contributions specifically to the Word Collection. We always appreciate any donation towards our work, but we also want to offer our supporters the opportunity to designate where they'd like their contribution to be spent.

When we find a book that we need for the Reading Scheme, our first step is to approach its publisher and ask if they can spare a copy for us. If that isn't possible then we look to the Book Fund. Very often we can find the books we need in second-hand bookshops, and so even a small donation to the Book Fund can be very important to us.

When you send us a donation and ask that it be set aside for the Book Fund, we make a note of the amount and your name – when we buy a book, we write your name on a bookplate added to the inside cover. We also mention donors to the Book Fund in our twice-yearly newsletter. We're very happy to accept book tokens and we acknowledge this kind of contribution in exactly the same way.

You can make a contribution to the Book Fund by credit or debit card through PayPal, or by a cheque in UK pounds sterling made out to Scottish Language Dictionaries.