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The Bottle Imp Scottish Studies ezine

The Bottle Imp's bottle
Why The Bottle Imp? The name, of course, is stolen from one of Stevenson's short stories. The story itself has deep European roots, drawn from – amongst other influences – Germanic folklore: but Stevenson reaches fully half around the world to tell his tale, set in the South Seas, and told for a Samoan audience. As a symbol of Scotland's ability to see beyond itself, to go outside its borders – whether for honour, or for glory, or for riches, or even just for the climate – it seemed appropriate. We hope that we, too, might contain something surprising!

Read The Bottle Imp's first editorial.

The Bottle Imp ezine exists to promote and support the teaching and study of Scottish literature and language. Launched on 1 May 2007 and published twice-yearly, The Bottle Imp includes a combination of regular columns and original features by Scottish authors and academics. We want to explore what Scottish writing really is, from its background and cultural development, and subsequent influence on other nations' philosophy and literature, to the internationality of Scotland as a concept. There is no house style, issues are rarely themed, and we encourage contributors to submit articles on specific aspects of Scottish writing – authors, historical influence, specific poems, novels or short stories – which deal with issues of personal interest.

Writing for The Bottle Imp has centered on topics as varied as Scottish Romanticism, the influence of religion on Scottish literature (upcoming issue, May 2008), the historical relationship between Scotland and America, and investigation of what makes Scottish literature Scottish – as opposed to 'British'. Dr Maggie Scott, Senior Editor at SLD, is the author of the Scots Word of the Season column, which focuses on Scots words which have travelled around the world and taken root outside of Scotland. Regular columns also include the profile of a Scottish publisher, a New Publications page and an up-to-date list of international conferences.

A development of the Scottish Writing Exhibition, The Bottle Imp is a collaborative project between the Association for Scottish Literary Studies (ASLS) and Scottish Language Dictionaries. The ezine is published by ASLS, and produced and edited by Dr Gwen Enstam (Project Developer, SLD & ASLS) and Duncan Jones (General Manager, ASLS). It is funded by the Scottish Arts Council.

The next issue of The Bottle Imp is due out on 1 May, 2008. If you would like your name added to the email notification list, contact Dr Enstam at gwen @ thebottleimp.org.uk .

The Bottle Imp is funded by the Literature department of the Scottish Arts Council; click to visit the SAC website.