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SLD News

Scottish language Dictionaries is delighted to have new funding and new premises. We have settled in to 25 Buccleuch Place in Edinburgh and have recruited new staff.

Projects Update

New Edition of the Concise Scots Dictionary (CSD2)

This will be our main project for the next five years. The first edition of the Concise Scots Dictionary (CSD1) was published in 1985 and rapidly became our most popular resource for scholars and the general public. Since 1985, the language has developed and changed and our records have become more extensive. The information contained in the final seven volumes of the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue was not available when the CSD1 was produced. We need to include additional material from Orkney and Shetland. Our aim now is to include all the additional material and to make the dictionary even more of a pleasure to use, without losing any of the academic rigour.

National Word Collection

The National Word Collection aims to build and maintain a record of the Scots language, providing the main resource for our dictionary projects and for external consultation. Material is collected for the Word Collection using the Reading Scheme and Oral Collection. Oral Collection has been undervalued by lexicographers in the past who have relied on written sources. Increasingly, we are using concordanced electronic texts and corpora such as the Scottish Corpus of Text and Speech produced by Glasgow University.


We have recently recruited a new Outreach and Education Officer who is developing a vibrant outreach programme in the UK and abroad. We visit writers' groups to discuss the use of Scots in writing; we visit schools all over Scotland to assist teachers with the use of Scots in the classroom and we visit adult groups who wish to explore our linguistic heritage. Members of staff also lecture on Scots at the University of Edinburgh and the University of the Highlands and Islands Millennium Institute. Staff are regularly involved in community projects in socially deprived areas. These projects help validate local varieties of Scots and foster a community's pride in its own voice. North American Outreach is another area which SLD is developing through our International Newsletter.


The Scuilwab, SLD's interactive website in Scots for children and young people (3+ to 18), was launched in November 2003. It is available at www.scuilwab.org.uk and is currently being given a major overhaul in light of the Curriculum For Excellence, Scotland's new government guidelines for teachers. The Scuilwab has proved popular with adults.

Maintenance of the Dictionary of the Scots Language

The Scottish National Dictionary and A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue, together with a supplement of new material added in 2005, are available free online at www.dsl.ac.uk. This material has now been made available to the ENROLLER Project (Enhancing Repositories for Language and Literature Researchers). This is a 2-year collaboration between the National e-Science Centre and the University of Glasgow's STELLA Project, with Scottish Language Dictionaries Limited and other partners from commerce and higher education. It will produce a much needed portal for literature and language researchers. Our current IT Officer has extended his hours to work with Glasgow on this update.