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Secret Destinations

Aberdeen is famous for its parks and green spaces. Hazlehead Park, Seaton Park and Queen's Links are popular locations, fewer visitors come to the secluded Johnson Gardens on Viewfield Road. It is a one-hectare park which is hidden, surrounded by private housing. It is a peaceful location in a busy city. It has streams, waterfalls, ponds, rockeries and a rustic bridge. Local bridal couples love having photographs taken there on their wedding day.

Aberdeen is famous for its granite and there is a grand fountain in the centre of Victoria Park made from 14 different granites. This was presented with pride to the city by the granite polishers and master builders of Aberdeen. Westburn Park caters for football, cycling and tennis but it has an excellent grass bowls facility too. It hosted Aberdeen's annual bowling competition in July 2009 with a total prize fund of £3,500. You need to start training for the next one! The Gilcomston Burn (a local stream) runs through this park which all adds to the interest.

Everyone knows the Duthie Park in Aberdeen which has been a favourite since it was opened to the public in 1883. Families enjoy the boating pond and cricket on the lawn but the Winter Gardens could be a day's visit on its own. It has a spectacularly large cacti collection. The Gardens now proudly bear the name David Welch Winter Gardens to commemorate the former Director of Leisure and Recreation in the City. During his time in post, Aberdeen became known for its exuberant displays of flowers as well as grey granite. In 1968 he decided roses, rather than grass, should be planted down the central reservation of Anderson Drive (one of the city's main thoroughfares). Some of these plants mysteriously disappeared and they were patiently replanted! In 1969 Aberdeen won the Britain in Bloom award and during the next 19 years, Aberdeen won it 9 more times. David Welch started off as an apprentice with the task of washing flower pots and ended up as Chief Executive of the Royal Parks including Hyde Park which is quite exceptional. I hope you enjoy exploring all the nooks and crannies of Aberdeen's parks. More information can be found on the City of Aberdeen website.