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SLD News

Scottish Lexicography Symposium: ScotLex-1

SLD hosted a very successful first Scottish Lexicography Symposium, ScotLex-1, at the Royal Society of Edinburgh on Friday 8th April 2016. Read a full report on the event here.

Outreach and Education

Scottish Language Dictionaries have valued working with the Scots Language Coordinators and we thank them for their interest and support of SLD's work. They have supported practitioners in a range of ways, developing resources and offering training. The posts are secondments and three of the coordinators have now returned to their schools whilst one remains in post until April 2017. Further Scots Language Coordinator secondments have been advertised to maintain developments. SLD's Outreach and Education Officer keeps up to date with recent educational initiatives and attended Education Scotland's seminar on Scots and the 1+2 Languages approaches to Gaelic learning at the Language Show event.

Outreach visits have included visits to Edinburgh primary schools, talking about the work of SLD and supporting their work on Scots and literacy. There is strong community interest in SLD's work too and Elaine Webster recently visited Low Moss Prison and worked with the adult tutor and her group of learners there. Community groups in Edinburgh, Kirkintilloch, West Lothian and Glasgow have been visited by SLD staff.

SLD has active links with cultural organisations. Dr Ruth O'Donovan attended the first meeting of the steering committee for the Scots Scriever at the National Library of Scotland and SLD has submitted an entry for inclusion in the database of organisations interested in assisting with delivery of traditional arts education. This relates to the 'Gifting Every Child/Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland' initiative.

Publicising the work of SLD nationally and internationally continues. The recent ScotLex-1 Symposium was an excellent opportunity to generate interest and discussion. Please get in touch if you would like an outreach visit, information about SLD or some of our leaflets to distribute.

Please let us know of any groups nationally or internationally who would like to hear more about us by signing up for our newsletter. You might like to follow SLD on Facebook or Twitter (@scotsdictionars).

Dictionary of the Scots Language Supplements Project

SLD Editor Ann Ferguson is currently managing the DSL supplements project. This involves merging the entries from the two Scottish National Dictionary supplements (1976 and 2005) into the appropriate main entries so that all of the material relating to each headword is displayed in a single entry.

As there are many thousands of supplementary entries, this undertaking involves a considerable amount of work, both in checking and preparing the material, and in implementing the necessary changes to how the dictionary entries are displayed. We are grateful to the Scottish Government for additional funding which has enabled us to undertake this project and to continue to share these developments and improvements with the wider community. The project is now at an advanced stage and users should begin to see the results of this project on the DSL website later in the summer.

The supplements project includes an outreach aspect which we have progressed by running a focus group session with educational practitioners from the school, community and library sectors. We are keen to encourage wider use of DSL and to inform long term planning for its development. We wish to continue our close collaboration with schools and community groups interested in working with Scots to explore the potential of our resources in helping to produce materials for learners. We were delighted with the response to our initial focus group and plan to develop this consultation further. With the support of the focus group, SLD will produce and pilot online resources to encourage practitioners' use of the DSL for their courses and in their work with learners. The material will direct senior learners to key features of the DSL and help encourage adults in the community to use it for projects or for their own research. The first of these materials will be launched on the Scuilwab in early June.

We are keen to build on these discussion sessions and pilot materials. Please get in touch if you would like to help us maintain this conversation, share ideas and maximise awareness and use of the DSL. Contact Elaine Webster for more information about the DSL Focus Group work.

Concise Scots Dictionary – second edition

Our main lexicographical focus is on the second edition of The Concise Scots Dictionary — work continues apace as we are close to delivering the first batch of dictionary data to the typesetter. As ever, we are grateful to the Scottish Government, who provide our core funding.