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SLD Projects

Buccleuch Place

Concise Scots Dictionary: second edition

Anna Stevenson

The second edition of The Concise Scots Dictionary is now nearing completion; all material is now with the typesetter and the proofreading stages are well under way. The next few weeks will see us work closely with a cover designer to ensure the finished product looks as good on the outside as it is on the inside! We are on course to finish all proofreading by the end of June and hope to see the book published in time for Christmas. As ever, thanks are due to the Scottish Government for our core funding.

Schools Dictionary App update

Alison Macaulay

We were delighted to receive funding from the Scottish Government to update our Schools Dictionary App and work is now well underway on this. As a first step, we created an online questionnaire which was distributed to both teachers and the wider community. We were pleased to receive nearly 200 responses, and we'd like to thank any of our supporters who took the time to complete the questionnaire – your contribution is much appreciated. The findings have been very interesting and will be used to inform the editorial process as we go forward. As part of the project, we are also building a digital corpus of Scots texts, which we will use to ensure that coverage includes all of the key language students are likely to meet in the course of their studies. Work has begun on samples and we have lots of ideas for additional features to make the dictionary more useful and informative for learners of Scots.

Dictionary of the Scots Language

Ann Ferguson

Scottish National Dictionary Supplements

Work continues on this project, merging the 1976 and 2005 Scottish National Dictionary supplements into the main entries. Once the project is complete we will have dealt with nearly 9,000 supplementary entries and the DSL will be more streamlined, making it easier and quicker to find words.

DSL 'Bundle'

We are also working on a further 'bundle' of projects which will all contribute to the DSL's functionality. These include expanding the search options and providing links between the entries and the wealth of ancillary material already on the DSL site.

Inevitably, the recent loss of staff and the forthcoming move have impacted on the progress of these projects, as staff resources are stretched at the moment. However, we hope to report some positive results in the next few months.