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SLD News

Buccleuch Place
As some of you may be aware, we are in the midst of much upheaval at the moment.

Firstly, we are having to move out of our premises in Buccleuch Place. As of Thursday 22nd June we are in our new accomodation and our address is:

Scottish Language Dictionaries Ltd
9 Coates Crescent

Secondly, there have been some staff changes, which are detailed below. One of the results of all these changes is that this newsletter is necessarily short, as we are thin on the ground at the moment. We are recruiting new staff, and hope to be back up to strength by the time of the next newsletter.

Staff changes

Ruth O'Donovan

Our Principal Executive Officer Ruth O'Donovan, who was on maternity leave, has decided not to return to SLD. We wish her well in whatever she decides to do next.

Elaine Webster

Our Outreach and Education Officer, Elaine Webster, retired at the end of March after nearly eight years at SLD. Elaine's years with SLD were significant ones for a vital aspect of our work: support for Scots-related education at all levels and outreach into every part of society with an interest in what we do and what we produce. She brought a unique combination of skills, experience, personality and enthusiasm to her work, acting as both a point of contact and an ambassador for SLD.

Elaine's work took her into a wide range of contexts. She represented SLD on a range of committees, and provided valuable feedback from users to colleagues at work on our various projects. Teachers, pupils and students have all benefited from her encouragement, and people of all ages and backgrounds responded to her warm and outgoing demeanour. She gave the prospect of lasting pleasure to many people who now enjoy reading, speaking and writing Scots in more confident ways.

Catherine McDonald

Catherine McDonald, our Administrator, also left at the end of March to go to another job, and we hope she enjoys this new departure.

Both our Acting Principal Executive Officer Alison Macaulay and Project Manager Anna Stevenson, who were covering the period of Ruth's maternity leave, will be finishing their time with us in late June. They have had to meet the challange od unforeseen changes in their year with SLD, and we wish them both well with their other ventures.