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SLD News

News in Brief

We continue to be very busy with both our main lexicographical projects: the second edition of the Concise Scots Dictionary and the upgrading of the online Dictionary of the Scots Language. As illustrated by the articles in this newsletter by Elaine Webster and Chris Robinson, we also have a full programme of outreach & education activities, including the ever-popular visits to schools — recent visits to the first-year pupils of Queensferry Community High School were thoroughly enjoyable. We continue to attend and participate in conferences and other events; see the Events page of our website for details of some of these.

Remembering friends

At Scottish Language Dictionaries we never cease to be grateful to the many individuals who support our aims and our work in various ways. These include several people who have passed away this year and we remember them with deep appreciation.

Sheila Douglas (1932-2013)

Sheila Douglas championed Scotland's traditional culture and the Scots language as a teacher, collector, singer, storyteller, author and editor. Her involvement with the folk revival and with Scottish Travellers gave her insights into worlds of tradition and transmission to which she gave attention in research and publications which form a lasting legacy.

Colin MacLean (1925-2013)

Colin McLean was a noted Scottish journalist, editor and fervent supporter of causes close to his heart, language and music amongst them. He was instrumental in establishing the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland and was founding editor of the Times Educational Supplement Scotland. As Managing Director of Aberdeen University Press he oversaw the publication of the Concise Scots Dictionary, the Scots Thesaurus and volumes of A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue and the SLD debt to him is beyond measure. His interests were wide-ranging and extended to editing the 10-volume Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics and making valued contributions to the publications programme of the European Ethnological Research Centre.

Bruce Millan (1928-2013)

Bruce Millan was a staunch supporter of the Scots dictionaries. Dundee-born, his father was a shipyard worker and his mother was employed the jute mills there. In the course of his career as a Labour Party politician he was Secretary of State for Scotland in the 1970s and UK Commissioner to Brussels, where he furthered EU regional policies.