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'Mither Tongue' event at Stirling Castle

Elaine Webster

Scottish Language Dictionaries staff were delighted to be invited by Eleanor Muir to take part in the 'Mither Tongue' event at Stirling Castle on Saturday 8th October. SLD's stall was sited in the impressive Great Hall alongside costumed attendants, a traditional singer, a craft stall and displays of food and clothing which were labelled to support interest in the language. Visitors to SLD's stall were particularly pleased to be able to consult a volume of the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue and a volume of the Scottish National Dictionary which SLD staff had brought along. The 'Scots Dictionary for Schools' app was demonstrated and examples of SLD's publications were on display.

Mither Tongue event
The food item known as a 'sair heidie' on SLD's banner created great interest and discussion and this cake also featured in SLD's Food Quiz. The quiz was designed to encourage interest in quotations in the online Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL). The winner will be announced at the end of October and answers to the quiz will be posted on this website. Younger visitors to SLD's stall enjoyed trying to unscramble Scots word anagrams and tried their luck with a Scots Word Dip. All activities lead to discussion about favourite Scots words.

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