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Naitional Leebrar o Scotland's 'Wee Windaes' Project

Alice Heywood, Lairnin an Ootrax Officer NLS

In airlie December, the Naitional Leebrar o Scotland will launch Wee Windaes, a dual leid wabsteid that ettles tae chart the continuum o the Scots leid. Whither ye are entirely new tae Scots, or aiblins mair familiar wi its literature an story, visitors will find somethin tae kinnle thir interest in the Scots leid as tauld through a saumple o the collections at the Naitional Leebrar o Scotland.

Wee Windaes home page

The stairtin pynt is 'The Buke of the Howlat', a performance poem frae the 1440s, prentit bi Chepman an Myllar at Embro in 1508, while the end pynt will be the praisent day. The site will shaw Scots in its sindrie wrutten forms in:

and will tak a luik at some o the extraordinary lives o its scrievers an storytellers alang the wey. The site will also feature ful digitised texts o extremely rerr an oot-o-print titles, makkin thaim available online fur the first time. The site will hae audio clips an lairnin activities speeshally devised bi Education Scotland anaw. It will contain photies, archive film an cairds – highlightin the reenge an depth o the Leebrar's Scots leid material.