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Dictionary of the Scots Language

Welcoming address

Professor Murray Pittock, University of Glasgow

This is the text of the welcoming address given by Professor Pittock at the launch of the upgraded Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL). We are grateful to him for kindly allowing us to share it here in full. Why not use DSL to check on any words you don't know? There are a few links at the end of the article to help you get started.

Guid day till ye a an welcome, no jist a gloaming-shot, the licht's wi us yet tho the day's darg's done an its nixt lowsin time. I dinna ken ye a nor yet ye me, the quhilk is naething byordinar. But this is a wee word o joyousite for the coming o the Dictionar o the Scots Leid to the College of Arts at the University o Glasgow.

I'll no wimple or walloch for I can see fine sic a gatherin'll thole nae clavers & sae I winna speak lang, but gin ye ettle tae speer onything o yon folk that hae mair leir nor me o oor leid, get in speeches wi them when I've endit: that's the time tae dae it. An gin ye dae it ye'll dang doun ony sleekit clavers wi a whang o common sense, for Scots, tho it hae fouth o ways wi it as ony leid, has its westlin hame wi a waukrife hantle o sense, nae wandochts o speculation nae clavers o metaphor. Oor ain wordis are trig and canty, dink an dingin an thrang wi tentie sights: there's aye watter quhaur the stirk droons.

An yet we may be vogie, for a that the Scots we hae is but the lave o't. For those wi the leid and the loo o it, fa wad tyne it? Dinna strunt nor sniffle, be na pauchtie nor pawky, but be glad o bein o the leesome menzie o this dictionar, noo an lee-lang.

Birse yont. Loons an lasses, quhan a's dane i the neist half hour and it's service time, rax for your tassies – tho they're no tappit hens, bless the lawin – and tak a scoup tae the dictionar o the Scots leid.

Here are links to the DSL entries for a few of the words Professor Pittock used in his address:
walloch (see sense 3)