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The Aitken Papers

A collection of papers by A J (Jack) Aitken, entitled Collected Writings on the Scots Language and including some previously unpublished material, has been edited by Dr Caroline Macafee and published online on the website of the Scots Language Centre.

Aitken (1921-1998) was a leading authority on the Scots language and one of the chief editors of A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue. This collection includes most of his important articles, often with his own revisions and sometimes with additional material.

Aitken combined lexicography with teaching the history of Scots at the University of Edinburgh and the articles give detailed information on a range of linguistic features including orthography and stylistics. His passion for Scots is seen in his various 'Letters to The Scotsman' on a range of topics relating to education and pronunciation. The articles also give insight into the editorial policies of A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue and his contribution of 'A History of Scots' to the Concise Scots Dictionary.