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Pilot Historical Thesaurus of Scots

SLD partnered with the University of Glasgow in a project led by Dr Susan Rennie to explore the creation of a Historical Thesaurus of Scots (HTS) based on data from the Dictionary of the Scots Language. It is hoped that a complete HTS would be the first thesaurus of Scots to be organised on historical lines and arranged according to synonymy and semantic category, and would aid linguists, writers, schools, and the general public to study the Scots language.

The outcome of this initial exploratory work was a pilot version of the HTS covering the categories of sports & games, food and weather. This was launched in Glasgow in September, with Dr Ruth O'Donovan representing SLD.

This project has lots of potential and, with further development, will open up fascinating new ways to explore the rich depths of the Dictionary of the Scots Language by uncovering forgotten and familiar linguistic treasures and their connections. You can visit the initial pilot at http://scotsthesaurus.org/.