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Copyright and Terms of Use


Scottish Language Dictionaries Ltd owns all intellectual property rights in the content of this website wherever in the world arising and whether registered or unregistered.

General Terms of Use (Dictionary of the Scots Language)

The database of the Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL) is copyright of Scottish Language Dictionaries Ltd, as is the data in its source dictionaries, A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (DOST) and The Scottish National Dictionary (SND). The DSL site makes available parts of those data to you solely for non-commercial research purposes (such as private reference, personal research, background research for authors, and the provision of teaching materials). It is not, however, an open dataset; beyond limited extracts of up to a few hundred entries which are necessary for your research or for teaching, you may not reproduce, copy or transmit any part of the data on this site without an explicit licence from Scottish Language Dictionaries Ltd. Researchers must ensure that their use of the DSL website does not breach these conditions of use, especially with regards to quantity of data accessed and reproduction or transmission of such data. To apply for a licence, please email us to explaining what you require and for what purpose.

Scottish Language Dictionaries Ltd must protect and safeguard the copyright of this data under the conditions of our agreement with our publishers and our primary funder, the Scottish Government.

We appreciate being informed about uses of DSL in any field — please contact us.

Downloading Dictionary Data

Regardless of your purpose, you are not permitted to use the DSL site to gain access to a significant amount of DSL data. It is explicitly prohibited to use this website to systematically download large amounts of our data.

Obtaining Dictionary Data for Research

We are, however, always pleased to discuss the use of DSL data in research projects. Should you be involved in a research project which requires a substantial amount of DSL data, please contact us. On application, we can discuss no-cost research licences for DSL data, providing your purposes do not overlap with an in-progress research project for which a license has already been issued.

Commercial Purposes

You may not use the material on the DSL site for commercial or for-profit purposes. We are not opposed to commercial use of DSL data, but in accordance with our contracts with the publishers of the source dictionaries and with our primary funder, the Scottish Government, data from the site cannot be used for commercial purposes; please do contact us to discuss commercialization opportunities for these data, and we will do our best to assist you.